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An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

Do whatever is necessary to safeguard your grief journey. Trusting your way is the gentle, self-nurturing way. You will receive guidance from many, but you do not always have to accept or change the path that works for you. When we lose something that we love, we truly must listen to our hearts ability to heal. At times, the ones we love the most will extend advice that we feel obligated to receive. Staying focused is not an easy task while we are grieving but do not waiver or be swayed to take a turn through your grief that may not be the right direction for you. This can make it difficult to maintain relationships as you navigate through the aftermath of loss. When you need guidance, you will know when to begin to seek.

There is something deeply empowering to be able to communicate with others and share your experiences. When you feel ready to reveal your heart, be open and trust that those that fully support you will begin to trust that you know your way. Stay steadfast and in tune with your grieving heart. 


xo, Bobbie Rae