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Not one person's walk with grief can be compared to another's. 

You do not have to take these steps alone.

Grief Coaching

The support

A personal and gentle, moving forward approach, 

to grief support.

Navigating together, we co-create our time to fit the distinctive and sole needs of the griever, with someone who understands how loss impacts every part of life.


Grief comes in many forms.  There is not one linear way to move through grief but together, we begin to discover your inner strengths, bringing light and balance to your grief.  Hand in hand, we begin to help you move with ease and comfort,  as you  begin to plant your feet firmly on the ground.  Each day and on your own timeline, can be approached with self love and tenderness. Understanding your emotions can be extremely difficult to face on your own without a person that is unrelated to the grief.  utilizing a coach,  we can uncover the words and the movements that speak to your inner strength of peaceful transitions.  The Centered Ground extends a hand to help you navigate forward, with gratitude as we continue to walk this life without the person or event that created our grief in the forefront.  We can choose a path to do this in peace.

Let me guide you through the difficult moments on your walk with grief.   I will foster a caring and compassionate environment, as you discover your strengths and step peacefully into your healing journey.

*It is recommended to wait, two weeks to two months after your loss or event before beginning time with a grief coach.

Sessions with me do not replace the advice of a medical doctor. I adhere to ICF code of conduct at all times. Your confidentiality is kept at all times.*‚Äčetencies

is grief coaching the right fit 

for you, your family or your team?

Book an appointment with The Centered Ground using SetMore

One on One Grief Coaching

six week coaching program:

Support guided directly by our time together,

for your needs of individuality. No ones grief can be carried the same as another's, this is a personal journey. 

Family coaching - support Groups

More than ONE:

Support guided in community, surrounded by family or individuals with similar grief.



Individualized Custom programs created by us in the after care of our initial six weeks together. 

Offering customizable extended support options

Speaking Engagements 

approaching grief:

Business or community Speaking engagements

Grief informed workplace-

Providing support in the implementation of a compassionate and grief informed workplace culture.

Five Pitfalls of grief-

Book by Dora Carpenter.

Clients Have A Voice!

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the beautiful and peaceful experience I had with my grief coach. 

She not only showed me how to work through my grief but embrace and accept the deep feelings I have sheltered for so long now.

I had an amazing breakthrough in realizing my worst fear in losing my mother was to let her go,  and still to this day, 

my grief coach guides me and gives me the strength to work through these emotions.

It was an experience definitely worth trying even for those of us who are not ready to embrace their grief and deal with the loss in our lives, 

the sessions offer an inner peace of mind that we are not alone and learn ways to work through the pain and loss of our loved ones

 in a positive and soothing atmosphere.

I am forever grateful." ...........LC 

Customized Grief Boxes

Are you called to send your loved one something that holds them on a deeper level than words, cards or flowers? Remember when things quiet down is when a person grieving, needs your support the most. Since we can't always be in the physical presence to hold our loved ones, this box can be a resource for them to dip into when comfort is needed. During our call we co-create a support vessel for your loved ones to utilize as a source of comfort over time. Each item in the box will be an item of use to support particular emotions or needs that arise from grief. They will be comforted to know when they open an item that you are holding space for them. The cost of this box is customized at the time of our call and can vary due to shipping costs or item availability. 

Further details are worked out during our customized creation call.

Schedule A Creation Call!